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Votos de um 2019 Extraordinário! Algo que nos obriga a reflectir... NDT International / BINDT - The Forum discusses the revoking of  thousands of PCN certifications At the beginning of June 2017 BINDT (British Institute of Non-Destructive  Testing) published that they have uncovered a very widespread and systemic  breach of ethics and serious malpractice in the case of NDT International PTE  Ltd.. "It is not possible to discriminate between legitimate certificates and invalid certificates and so all  certificates will have to be withdrawn without exception", one can read in their official statement and  read further: "BINDT will allow candidates up to two months to retake the full initial examination before  their certification is formally withdrawn". The two month deadline was increased on 23 June to six months.  BINDT published a list of names of more than 3000 names of affected PCN certifications holders.  (PCN=Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Test